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Several weeks ago I was cast to be one of the dancers in the new Pharrell Williams Come Get it Bae MV. As long as I have been working in this dance industry (18 yrs), I am still so grateful and so appreciative any time I get a chance to dance on a project with my peers. Women that are supportive, inspiring,respectful and talented. Not to mention Pharrell being just a talented and humble human being. Apparently, he wanted to have mature dancers who were 30+! “Beauty has no expiration” Changing the way you see beauty. I have become a more of a fan of Pharrell. How refreshing to see artist that are “seasoned” and lived some life, from which all of our passion comes from. I am so “happy” that images of women of all shapes, sizes, colors are being celebrated. It was so refreshing to see the sensuality, confidence, and happiness shine from within on screen. Our culture is so obsessed with youth culture. No one stays Forever 21! Lets be obsessed with self love, kindness, peace and our health! #Rockyourbest #liveinthemoment #dancelikenooneswatching P.S I love Forever 21 stores. I am actually wearing a F21 jumpsuit! FYI

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