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I am so excited to officially be a part of one of the most amazing fitness professional teams in Hollywood, California at THE WALL FITNESS.  I was approached by celebrity trainer Jason Wimberly this year, after I had been exercising at his pop up shop in West Hollywood for months. I was so thrilled that I found a place that I loved to workout, train and just be a student!  But I was even more honored to have been invited to be part of this epic group. Jason teases me till this day because when I first met him, I told him spinning was not my thing! I remember he would give me a coy flirty eye, as if he had been challenged by a unicorn. And it NEVER failed! After every session, I would sheepishly tell him, “I like it just a little bit more today”. Wink. I completely let go of my prejudices and admitted to myself and to Jason Wimberly that I indeed really liked spin….okay, Loved it!  I liked his approach, method and passion. He was that good, that he made a believer out of me! I was completely on board. I broke through my WALL! And I just had to say “Yes”!  And I hope you do too!

The environment at The Wall fitness studio is healthy, welcoming, fun and every instructor is top notch. The Wall’s signature class is called Stack123, it is an awesome workout that has 3 phases. The 1st stack is 10 minutes of Core. The 2nd stack is 20 minutes of strength. And finally, the 3rd stack is 30 minutes of spin! You will love it! I did! Happy Holiday! Sign up for classes with me at The Wall Fitness  x, Rocky

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