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Celebrating Birthdays …..are not so much about ME, but sharing the history of my life with the PEOPLE who’ve I developed unbreakable, long, unconditional, kind, reciprocal friendships with. I am so grateful for the like minded, smart, talented, genuine friends in my life. The kind of friendship where we are aware of each other selflessly. We call to check in for no reason, make our way through a crowd just to say “Hi”,  or even rearrange a busy schedule just to keep your word and  “be there”. That is what  it means to being present, that is a friend. I feel so lucky to have this and I have to say I am extremely happy  that I even finding  this quality new friends. Which is completely redefining the time factor I thought you had to have invested to become are true friend. But then again it falls in line with the theory that you attract those fall in line with your values.

The beauty of maturity is that you begin to see the truths in yourself and others. You stop lying to yourself! Sometimes this can be heartbreaking and then again it has mostly been very heart warming.

Lesson: Choose those who see your dreams, choose those who inspire you ,those who encourage you and not those who sabotage your goals, Choose those who teach you how to be a better  version of yourself! Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. Choose YOU. And say NO to what doesn’t!

I have gracefully reached another year, safely, healthy and happy. I am dumbfounded sometimes at the number of my age. But that will never stop me from dancing in inappropriate high heel shoes and screaming at the DJ “That’s my Jam!”

…….did I just give away my age saying that? LOL

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