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I want to thank  Kerry Wee, FRIEND, fellow professional DANCER and AERIALIST for sharing her incredible story of literally falling from high heights while DANCING on Tour….. and getting BACK UP! Kerry experienced a setback from a fall off of an apparatus called SILKS (A beautiful art of CLIMBING, twirling, spinning, dancing from a  high hanging silky cloth while suspended high from the ceilings.)  While most would shy away , Kerry took this experience and came back strong and more respectful of the artistry of Aerials. Dancing in the air has not only made her physically stronger but it has also given her a mental strength she never knew she had, so naturally she is sharing this beautiful gift and lesson.  Kerry introduced me to this AMAZING Basics exercises of Aerial FITNESS and it was Fun and Challenging. If you are looking for something outside the box. Try it!  Check out ROCKYOURBEST feat. Kerry Wee (Aerial) Pt. 1 & 2 .CHECK OUT YOUTUBE ( ROCK YOUR BEST)

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