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This year, I had the amazing honor to be part of the guest line up for the Msmc IComunidad  of Mount Saint Mary’s College – California. ( Downtown and Brentwood Campus’s).  This program was designed by Dr. Vanessa Ochoa to improve her student’s wellbeing, through the teachings of body and mind wellness.

I have to say……these were NOT  just Cardio classes, dance classes, run of the mill fitness classes.  It was a reconnection of the mind and body. It was stress reliever! Its was a re-energizer! It was a time out for the student who worked so hard to get the grades and make the cut, to feel alive! It was the ONE hour they felt they couldn’t sacrifice, It was the ONE hour they felt a little guilty having so much fun during finals, It was the ONE hour  they empowered themselves, lifted their spirits and actually gave them more energy for the rest of their day. Yep……..PRODUCTIVITY!!!!!

If you DANCE it OUT…….YOU’ll get it OUT.

Trust me, I’ve been doing it all my life.

ROCKY™ approved!

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