Exercising in the Heat. Is that Cool?

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The fitness industry seems to be obsessed with exercising in excessive heat! On every corner there is some artificially heated indoor workout studio!  I mean …..everyone loves to sweat! It is kind of our marker to how hard we are working out, right? But aren’t we suppose to work up that internal heat in “normal” tempature’s ? Bringing our heart rate up to a caloric burning phase?

Which brings me to: Exercising in the Heat. Is that cool? I am not always sure. And sometimes we have no choice to control our weather circumstances. BUT we take measures! Sunblock, hats, shades, water , etc. Within 5 minutes, I was already sweating on my incline towards the steep trail, as we continued the hike got harder and harder. My dear friend Dakota invited me on this hike, we are old friends. I did question her her choice to hike on one of the hottest days ever, but going together made the whole experience so much fun! We just laughed all the way up that mountain; you know that crazy nervous laugh when you are questioning WHY!!! LOL.  Friends help  Encourage you to keep on Moving. A healthy hike will help you clear your head while, releasing toxins in your Body and your Mind.

Go make a date now! Chances are…..Rain or Shine,  Hiking with a friend is 99.9% great choice!

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