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Great day on set today! I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Lisa Wheeler fitness expert & trainer of Equinox. I’ve known her for a long time, the stars finally aligned and I got a chance to be a part of her team for her new Fitness DVD for Weight Watchers.
We had a great day.  I lead the advanced levels  and a new mommy lead the beginner level so it was definitely challenging to all. No matter how many reps or takes we had to to, I (we) wanted to give my all for the team, but mostly to help and motivate others to have a great workout .
So, just before cameras started rolling, I’d fire up my core and say to myself “Let’s GO BABY!”
Anytime, you are put yourself in a challenging fitness situation. Remember
1. YOU have to have a positive attitude (Want it!)
2. Fuel your body (Healthy snacks) & Stay Hydrated, PH (Balance)
3. Breathe & Have Fun (find some good work out buddies)*If you are going to work hard, let it be for yourself! You are worth it. #RockyourbestIf you know you are going to have a long and physical day, be PREPARED!!! This is an example of some of the things  I ate/drank during our shoot :

Lots of Water, Oatmeal, Coconut water, green tea, bananas, yogurt,
LUNCH: Salad, Grilled vegetables, stuffed portobello mushroom & mashed potato.
And of course after our 8hr shoot , I couldn’t resist a bite of that brownie bite. I worked for that treat! Life is all about balance. Enjoy!!!!
I will let you know when the DVD comes out!
Thank you @lisawheelerfit ! Amazing experience shooting with you today! Can't wait to see it. I can definitely feel it after today!  #fitnessdvd #fitnesspro #mentor #weightwatchers #dragonflyproductions #nutrition #refuel

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