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I absolutely love and adore the students of Mount Saint Mary University’s I-communidad club. I have been honored to lead ROCK YOUR BEST class’s and mentor these women over the past 2 years at the gorgeous Brentwood and Downtown  campus’s.

Their dedication to their studies, make them well deserving of  exercising their bodies, celebrating their youth, and feeling good by releasing stress from the rigorous schedule of a full-time undergraduate.  I feel really lucky I can be the example that I wish I had when I went to college. If I knew how to balance stress with wellness, food and exercise! Truly know what a “heathy balance”lifestyle meant, it would have servered me well. Seriously,  my brain would have  functioned at such better frequency! LOL I would have managed time better and I could have gotten a few more hours of SLEEP!!!! With all the pressures of  our youth obsessed culture of looking a certain way, wearing certain styles, having certain things…….. I want these young woman to celebrate themselves, their individuality, to recognize their roots and the bare essence of who they are. To recognize MOVEMENT releases EMOTION. It  REINVIGORATE’S. It ENERGIZES. IT just makes you FEEL so GOOD!! Recognize That! Things that make you feel good, activity that makes you feel good, foods that make you feel good, People who make you feel good! ………. and just DO THAT!

Self Acceptance, Self Love and Self Worth. The most attractive qualities in any human being. These girls are just on the road of finding it early! Go Ladies!

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