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I cannot tell you how excited I am about being a part of Mount Saint Mary’s College in Downtown LA. The group is called I-communidad and it’s a program gear towards 1st year students. The girls involved are latina women, but not exclusivly. The group help the students manage college life through fitness, meditation,time management and others skills which empower each student to have a healthy and successful year.

I was invited to conduct RockYourBest Dance Cardio Classes this year to !. Exercise and release stress and feel good through Cardio. 2. To encourage movement,in order to release those feel good hormones. Motion releases Emotion! And 3. To love the body they have and to not be afraid of experiment with creative movement and dance. There is a confidence that emerges when you use your body to communicate feelings, and when you are feeling confident your body tells.

“There is BEAUTY and FIERCENESS in everyone. You just have to believe you are THAT and everyone will treat you accordingly!” RYB

We had so much fun! We danced, We Laughed and we SWEAT! …..and you know what? These girls were so confident. When we gathered for a photo, NO one asked to looked at themselves, put make up on or take another picture for good measure. We were just ourselves, a BEAUTIFUL SWEATY MESS!!

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