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Goal Setting. This has been the running theme amongst my clients. Getting ready for the Big Birthday, Wedding, Vacation, etc. Everyone has their own motivation. That extra push. That little incentive to Rocky Their Best. Moving, Eating, Living Healthier everyday while going outside their own box. As one would diversify stocks, you must diversify every aspect of your health. After all your HEALTH is your greatest Investment.

Whats my Motivation? Getting ready for one of my most favorite events in the world! A Caribbean carnival. Specifically, the Holllywood Carnival happenng June 27, 2015. So I will be taking my classes in addition to classes that bring me clarity and strength~ yoga. Dance class which gives me joy and cardio. And Hiking which gives me freedom and endurance. What are you going to add to your portfolio?

Thanks @cardiobarrehollywood for keepin me stylish with @onzie ! It’s feelin like summer in Cali! Keep it Bright! Get it Tight!
TUES & THURS 5:30 pm
MON/WED/FRIDAY 9:30&10:30am
SAT 9:30am

@Rockyourbest_ Body on

SUNDAY’s 4:30pm

1947 N.Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 @barrelab CARDIO Dance – AFRO-CARIB- WORLD VIBES #hollywoodcarnival #june27 #shapetofete #fitnessfashion #fitforcarnival #burn #dancefitness


June 27, 2015 ?!?!
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