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Got Cashew?
One of my favorite snacks. The sweet , creamy, crunchy nut; packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Yes cashews are high in calories, but they provide a soluble dietary fiber and are packed with numerous heart friendly monounsaturated fatty acid. Lowering harmful LDL cholesterol and increasing good HDL cholesterol.
Have you every seen a cashew in its truest form? Well don’t feel bad if you have not! Because if you do not live in a tropical climate like Brazil (the tree’s origin) or on a caribbean island like St.Kitts, its probably a rare sighting. For me, whether you see it in person or not; knowing where your food is coming from, how its grown, health benefits etc. is very important for you and your family. Teaching my pre-schooler about nature and what it has to offer to our food supply is very exciting for me and as you can see very exciting for him too.
Pictured is my Dad in my Grandfathers yard, picking on a Cashew tree which bears fruit, called a cashew apple and on the bottom is a hard shell enclosing the seed, which is the cashew nut. The cashew apple is edible but you will want to roast the nut in order to extract the cashew.My dad told me as a kid living on the island they would toss the shells on the roof for the sun to roast them for a couple of days, climb back, crack them and eat! Today he introduces that same tree to his grandson. What a story that tree has. 

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