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Last week, as I do……. show up in the mornings at the studio to motivate and get people going. This particular morning I had some familiar faces come to class. They were the crew from the Athleta store from Fashion Square. I didn’t think much about it, I know the company is very involved in the community, so I figured they are checking out what new and happening in the fitness world. So, we have a great class. Everybody is sweaty and partially dying! We cool down and I THANK everyone for a fantastic class. I go to my computer to take off my music. As I turn around there is a group of happy giddy girls holding a balloon, flowers and a placard that say BRAND AMBASSADOR. They scream, “Would you be our Brand Ambassador? And My reaction was just a state of confusion! “What?!!” I start laughing and thinking how did you all just magically throw and instant surprise party? Well, I said “YES” and then they made me laugh more when they flipped a second placard that say “She said Yes”

It was all very sweet. That to say I am a new 2017 Brand Ambassador for Athleta, Sherman Oaks. A lot of fun thing in store for you this year!

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