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It is not very often that I travel away from home without my family. A long weekend of business and a little free fun time. I think this is what they call Mommy guilt. I really can’t imagine why, because they are in good hands together. A Father-son boys weekend will be magical. Our household will not fall apart without me, right? LoL

Off I go to Mexico City, Mexico: to teach at the Fabrikartis Dance Convention. Inspiring and teaching young aspiring dancers to be professionals. I had an awesome time with the faculty and host. Although the trip was short, I got a nice sense of their culture. Seeing that I am always seeking a healthy lifestyle in any environment that I find myself . I would say that I had a healthy and cultured experience.

I had delicious fruits and veggies, some I have never eaten before. I would have never imagined eating cactus and quash blossom soup?!  I had So many delicious vegetarian meals, I was really surprised to have eaten so much for a non meat eater. As for culture, I got a chance to see some local artisan art, hear regional music and see one of the famous wonders of the world; The Teotihuacan Pyramids.Teotihuacan reached its height of power by the 4th century. Its influence was felt throughout most parts of Mesoamerica, including the Mayans and Aztecs. It was believed to be the 6th largest city in the work with a population of 125,000 and as much as 250 000 – It was only climbed by priest and it was said it was where men became gods. Guess who climbed that 75 meter high Sun pyramid? This girl! It is said that up the very top the sun recharges your body. So I did and then climbed the Moon pyramid and walked the entire length of the city. I think I go my cardio and culture fix all in one afternoon. Score!

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