How do you Meditate with your child?

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Meditation helps me feel relaxed. I think it’s one of my favorite elements of the #yoga practice. Calling Moms & Dads: I highly recommend to stop battling with you kids to be quiet or to give you a minute….. Bring them in board. And teach them to have a quiet moment with you.You might be surprised at their willingness to try and or positive affects of just listening to nature and all that surrounds us. And yes my 6yr old is trying one up me on the meditation game. He won.

TIP FOR CHILDREN: ask them to count to a number in their heads, how ever far they want to count. They actually find it amusing being in the same space and no talking is happening! #listen #meditate #quiettime #quiettimeformommy #wellness RockYourBest by Raquel Horsford Best​

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