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I find it so CRAZY sometimes, when I walk into a CLASS to teach and see a faces that looks so familiar.  Or  I feel like I  know someone so well, but  I really don’t.. You quickly stop yourself and continue to guide, motivate and count 6, 7, 8! Because……. We are in LOS ANGELES and “people” show up.  I have to confess; a lot of times it takes me a whole hour to figure it out “who is who” outside of my regular clients and by then its too late for me to have expressed my “Ohhhhh, you are so and so , from this and that!” Which is honestly NOT my style.  I  want anonymity for all of my students, but its still kind of cool when they show up for “YOU” because they could go anywhere?! WHICH brings me to the SURPRISE  and the beautiful reveal……………no matter who you are, high profile or under the radar,  WE are all the same. No matter how the MEDIA showcases public figures or status, or position you have, etc…..from my perspective I get the chance to see all people trying to create a better versions of themselves.  I see all people struggle with issues: insecurities, self-esteem, etc. And on the other side I see clients flourish and grow into these amazing beings. Just letting go and being their authentic self. All vanity, drama and ego left outside the door! My job is to create safe place. A place to get your body business done! NO judgement. We connect in the class as teacher/student , we connect as mothers, working women, leaders, creators, etc. Respect built on being you. No pretense. No criticism. Just YOU at face value. Which brings me to mention this beauty, Regina KING, a HOLLYWOOD TV queen in her own right. Amazing talent. Amazing woman and mom. Before she left L.A to head off to work on some great TV projects, she was sweet enough to squeeze my barre class just before her flight. We had a couple of laughs and a  great work out . This is the POWER of exercise, of physical exertion, of encouragement and care. …..At the end of my class we  gave eachother  hugs….. I told her how proud of her I was (which is something we all need to do with each other), and she gave me props on my class and being working mom! Then I gave her props on being a working mom, And it just became a big ole love fest. I will never forget that moment….you never know whom you are going to reicieve your props from. You never know who you may motivate; nor do you know who you are going to affect with your WORDS and ACTION, so choose with intention and purpose! #Rockyourbest

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