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Are you guilty of using your children as excuses not to EXERCISE? Don’t have childcare? Cannot afford a gym, etc.? Why don’t you flip the script and see them as your trainer, your motivation! They are  that ball of energy you are trying to keep up with. I cannot express how much I appreciate and take full advantage of our parks. I disproved my theory that I could get a good workout with my 5yr. old.  I completely underestimated my preschooler’s endurance and athletic abilities.

When I take my little boy to the park I end up watching him play, but when I take him on an ADVENTURE, aka “HIKING” its cardio! When he was a infant, I would strap him to me in his carrier, adding great weight for me. Now he adds speed. I empower him with the responsibility of being my coach. I praise him with the great job of being a great role model. And he magically shines and want to be helpful, faster & stronger. We can climb up steep hills,  race straight aways and enjoy a meditative quiet time watching the sunset. It’s pretty awesome “At the Top”.

*Don’t forget your water!

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