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One day, after my morning classes I was going through my “normal”.  You know……get up, organize to get ready for the day, kid to  school,Work, Errands, Class, Pick up, Activities, etc…….. The day never  ends. And like many women, we are alway multitasking because there is always so much to to! But we all know that this routine always catches up with you.

Anyways, this particular day I was approached by one of my MOM friends to join her at her at a private pool.  I right away hesitated because for one It’s the middle of the day! I must have things I could be doing! How can I possible relax, chill out, sit down, kick my feet up, catch up with my girlfriend……. Then literally, my friends voice sounded as if she was speaking in a warped slow motion “YOU NEED TO TAKE A BREAK AND RELAX”. And I said “OK, I WILL MEET YOU THERE!” I went home…..I did have an errand I had to do, but I quickly grabbed my bathing suit at the boutique hotel.

When I tell you……. it was the best afternoon ever. It literally was 1 hour and 1/2 of regrouping, relaxing, taking a little dip and soaking up some sun! Heaven. It felt like I was on a proper vacation!!!  And then like that, got dressed and picked up the kiddo’s from school!  We didn’t miss a beat! And we had a second wind of energy for ourselves and our family’s.

I recommend to Mom’s especially ……if you ever receive an impromptu invite to enjoy yourself, even for an hour. DO IT!!!! LIKE A WORKOUT YOU WILL NEVER REGRET REST&RELAXATION. You need to put yourself on TIME OUT once in a while, because your never willingly do it.

~Love yourself


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