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NEW summer GOAL! HANDSTANDS! All my life have never had any interest in inversions….. Going upside down period! But now I am going to conquer this position. It’s hard!!!! Head stands , forearm stands and hand stands will humble the fittest athlete. It has nothing to do with your power. It’s all alignment! They are 60 year olds popping into this without a wall in the middle of the room! WHAT?!?! So inspiring. I’m working on 1 min against the wall! I will work up to 2 min then 3!!! … Then NO WALL …..,.middle of the room! So fun to have something to work towards! End of Summer!!! Cross fingers. 😉 What is your summer goal?

Today I held 1min 5sec. Hooray!!!!! #fit-goals #handstands #balance #alignment #rockyourbest !!!!!!

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