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Kiddie Veggie Plate

The absolute best kiddie plate I have ever seen. My family went to my cousins wedding and this was presented to the kids and the adults were served salads….I was kind of jealous! Brilliant presentation all the kids loved it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


local eats in SKB

The best guideline I follow when eating on vacations is : 1. Drink water all throughout the day. #2 Try to avoid eating Fried Foods. Dairy. Heavy Sauces. Gravitate to locate produce and proteins. When traveling, eating local traditional dishes allows you to feel the personality of where you are visiting. And also I like to take into consideration of the cuisine of the place I am visiting. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables in the caribbean. So this region is very compatible to my eating lifestyle. Today I ate one of my favorite caribbean lunch plates. Steamed fish, vegetables and coconut dumplings! It was flavored with local herbs, lime, etc. It was so full of flavor and absolutely delicious! It feels very decadent but its so good for you. And the view from the diner table is not bad either.





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