Oh, Almond Tree! How I love thee.

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This is an Almond Tree! Maybe you’ve seen one or maybe not, but I just wanted to share with all my ROCKYOURBESTer’s our healthy find shared with my son and his grandparents, on our vacation coming from the beach.

My dad looks up and says “Oh, look an almond tree”. My son, so excited! “That’s where almonds come from?” Cool.
We all (grandmommie too)  look up into the tree and on the ground for fallen ripe ones. My day picks a hand full of pods to show his grandson. Only a couple were ripe; when the almond shell turns yellow or sometimes even red,that is when you know it is ready to crack and retrieve the nut. This passing moment had now become a treasure hunt with all of us scanning the grounds. And once again our healthy discovery has made my little one a fan of the Cashew and now the Almond!

Many of the nutrients in almonds like oleic acid, vitamin E, copper, magnesium and manganese are also associated with healthy hair. Weight loss, good skin and better hair – almonds really do seem to be an exceptional food for improving your appearance.

My friend’s tease me when they see me eating nuts and berries, etc. I even have one friend that calls me her cashew or almond nut when she compliments me on my skin. There must be something to this right?! I mean, I love the convenience of eating nuts on the go, but I love the benefits even more. Next time you are feeling to snack, consider one that you will make you glow.

*disclaimer* Not for those who have nut allergies!!!!!!

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