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This month I was honored to work with one of the Best trainers and fitness icons of our time, Jillian Michaels. This was my second time working on one of her amazing kick ass, no joke, go big or go home dvd’s. Over the years I’ve worked with many fitness  professionals, directors, production crew, etc. And this time it felt like a new home or a new sense of belonging. It’s almost like I cashed in my 10,000+ hours of practice and the Universe was like ….”Ok your cool now.” LOL  And I was like “I’m good, I know what I’m doing, but most importantly everyone in the room respected and trusted each other. My fellow Pro-trainers ( Kenta & Madeline) were so kind and hardworking, our Director was gracious, the crew was encouraging and Jill was amazing! She was a rock as a team LEADER with a perfect balance of TOUGH LOVE with undertones of “I got you!” Overall, There was a quiet strength within myself and a universal trust amongst each other.  Almost immediately I had an epiphany! I want that feeling all the time! This is the atmosphere I want to create and learn. This is the tribe I strive to create. One of like minds. One of people who strive to do their BEST. Those who never quit or give up. A tribe of people who find laughter while find their greatness. Life is like a movie or is it a rehearsal? Anyways, I just prefer to be on set with the Best and On set with my Best Self.  

Who brings the Best out in you?


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