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I remember as a little in New Jersey our dance studio use to perform little shows at our local Mall. Big stuff. Captive audience….or at least passerby’s felt compelled to stop for the cute little kids dancing their little hearts out!

Well, as a grown woman…..I found myself at the mall again. Although, on the west coast representing my brand ROCKYOURBEST, and right in front of Macy’s…..again!!!! Enticing passerby’s and shoppers to join me to perform fitness moves. What are the odds?! Hahahahah

I was invited by the awesome ATHLETA store at the WESTFIELD FASHION SQUARE to participate in the Health and Wellness sponsored for the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF SHERMAN OAKS.

I have to admit, the start of my class felt a little awkward because there were no visible signage that said “Here is what’s happening, while you’re shopping!” You are going to be ROCKing YOUR BEST,  working out to caribbean music, bending, twisting, shaking, moving, stretching and dancing ….where everyone can see you. BUT everyone watching will wish they were you!” Once one join in another joined. One gentleman even handed over his shopping bag and phone to his friend and jumped with onto my green turf and it was on!!! Such a great class, great people, all of us strangers to each other , but we connected through movement, fitness, dance and music. What a fantastic universal language. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if we could just all ROCKYOURBEST!

Checkout  for your chance

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