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My feelings after my RYB Cardio Dance class?
“I don’t want it to end. I want more. Extra time. Extra Dance. Extra Gym. (studio).  Movement and music just soothes the soul and centers me before I have to move on with the rest of my day.”

Active Cool Down:
1.Pick your favorite mid to slow tempo song.
2.A pair of light weights
3.Isolate your upper body. Knee’s slightly bent, abs pulled in, and try to  keep arms elevated above yours heart. Flexand extend your arms in different angles. It will Target your triceps, biceps and shoulders. Follow some of my moves, dance and groove to an entire song of your choice!

FYI Since we are sharing…. I have to admit that I was hesitant to share this video, because in my opinion I do not look my best. I really had to think…..what is important? appearances or authenticity!
Guess who won? 🙂 GO and Get it DoNe!!!

Working out is not always “pretty”. It sometimes takes a lots of sweat and frizzy hair!
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RockYourBest by Raquel Horsford Best

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