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In honor of #Fashionweek, I have to shout out one of my girls Caridee English! This America’s Top Model diva is even more of a beauty inside as she is out! I am so honored to be part of a fitness community of amazing woman and men in Hollywood, Ca. The strength encased in these amazing human beings is amazing to watch… is truly life changing to witness  tranformation of my clients bodies and sprits right before my eyes! It just proves to me everything is Possible!

Presented by my tough, challenging class wrapped up with love……….In exchange for working Caridee’s booty and her kick ass legs ………I learned how to work the FACE! Sweaty, exhausted, spent and no makeup! It’s the new Black! Yes, I said it! No Makeup , Freshed Face, a pouty silly lip is so HOT!!!! Ge into it! LOL

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