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MOTHER DAY was so amazing this year….. Morning arrived and my little one found himself in our bed in the wee hours of the morning. The sun started to show its light in the bedroom and that was about the time my boys were planning to start my Mothers day morning surprise. My husband whispered to our little boy…..”wake up, its time.”  {sidenote} My 6 year old is a sleeper and only wakes up extra early only for special occasions! ….Then my hubby whispers “Merry Christmasssss” .  That must have been code, because this little boy flew out of our bed into the kitchen so fast,  left my Husband behind only for us to lock eyes and mutualy agree  ” I would stay in bed ….until.  ….. 30 min later . I was presented with the prettiest plate of french toast, topped with strawberries, hot tea and roses. He was so excited and proud. he asked me “Mommy, are you Happy?” I hugged him and said “YESSSSS!”  He crawled into bed with me and watched me eat, watched me read my cards…. they were amazing. I took off for the day, and It had been a while since I’ve had an entire day just for myself and the family.  All I wanted to do is spend quality time and work off the decadent breakfast…… so I suggested a 3 mile hike at EATON CANYON FALLS  in Pasedena. A beautiful mountainous canyon with a water fall at the end.  I cannot tell you how whole I felt with my family in the middle of nature. I was so present, that I knew that this was a moment I would never forget. This was special. This was a moment to TREASURE FAMILY & ROCKYOURBEST! Ending the night with oysters,wine, and lobster tacos!!!! #PERFECTION #WORDTOYOURMOTHER #FITFAM

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