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This lady right here has been such faithful student of Rockyourbest Body!  I am so happy that my cardio dance fitness class has made such a powerful impact on the minds and bodies who were not afraid to try something new. I know people have their choice to workout at the hundreds of workout spots in L.A, All of which offer the same things, in close proximity,etc. i.e. Starbucks.

What I realize is that people chose to go to who they connect with and when people show up at the door, whether its 1 or 100 people……. they chooses to take that hour long journey with you! With me. With my Authentic self.  ROCKYOURBEST BODY!……THIS is what makes me so excited to stay FRESH and Creative.  Seizing the opportunity to Create, Innovate and Design.

I will ROCK MY BEST every step of the way. Nothing is going to hold me back. NOTHING.

I will keep all my Rockyourbeststar’s updated on Classes. Home is where the heart is. Locations may vary.

Thank you to all of my supporters….you know who you are! x


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