I had such a wonderful time visiting Toronto, Canada! I really love this city, there is so much to do and see. Lots of walking, parks, waterfronts and clear blue skies!!  Not only did I have an opportunity to attend my cousins wedding in Downtown, I had a chance to visit a dear friend whom I haven’t seen in Years!!!!! (at least 20) ….Yes, she is a childhood friend. 🙂

It’s funny, because my friend contacted me weeks ago, because she wanted to order a Rock Your Best Tee. She had a question about shipping. And I said “You know what…… I am actually going to be visiting Toronto and I would love to bring it to you!” And that’s what happened! Rockyourbest connected me with my dear friend and I happily carried it to her in my new Rockyourbest Tote! It was such an awesome reunion!!!!!

Thank you Lisa!   Wear your Tee and #Rockyourbest

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