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So You Think you can…. START. Getting back into shape.  Hire that trainer. Start that group class….Alas, a  few thoughts go through your head…….A whole list of EXCUSES. Starting with: I’m not ready. I have to loose some weight before I join!?  Or “I have no TIME”!?…..the list goes on and on and believe it or not, even the most athletic individuals have these thoughts too! The EGO can be the biggest dream crusher, and make you so self conscious that it derails you from being the best version of yourself! I assure you the person across from you may be doing 10,000 crunches but that does not mean your 10 are less than. Everyone in the room has insecurities, a story, but the studio or class should be a place where you can fall and get back up. Consider it a safe place to look a hot mess, sweat, cry, and step outside of your box. Paying attention to others takes too much energy. SURPRISE! No one is watching you, but you!  Everyone in the room has a secret. And they are using this sacred hour of exercise to escape from the stresses of life or perhaps a physical therapy session, a pick me upper, mental break or perhaps it just makes them feel good. Whatever it is, it’s your time to focus on yourself. I challenge you to  walk into every class and just say YES!  “I will fall and its going to be Awesome”, Because honestly if you don’t work to that point then your not letting go! Today I had a client who is a professional dancer; Jeanine Mason, season5 winner of SYTYCD. My students were a little intimidated and didn’t want to share the barre, but then they realized that she was in there to get stronger, to work , to sweat, and not to show off. To learn something new and challenge her body……..just like everybody else.

I just want to let all of my #Rockyourbest’er to know from a professional teaching point of view. Class is Class. Its a place to discover yourself, learn about your nature, no matter if you are a novice or professional. Are you a fighter? Are you dialing it in? Are you pushing through until the end? Are you inspired, Did you do one more than you did the last time? These are the question you ask yourself during in after. #ROCKYOURBEST at all times. or find someone or something that makes you strive to #ROCKYOURBEST It will lead you to a huge SUCCESS.

Dancer’s are some of the hardest working individuals I know. Life long students, craftsman, technicians, architects, artist of the story and body. So thankful for my gifts, my teachers, my inspirations and the many individuals who grace the dance floor or studio I’ve shared.

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Ready for ‪#‎SYTYCD‬ FINALE? @danceonfox . ‪#‎Season5‬ ‪#‎winner‬ @itsjeaninemason rocked the house with me @rockyourbest_raquelhorsford this morning @cardiobarrehollywood! Welcome back the beautiful dancer @itsJeanineMason.

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