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During this busy summer I learned how to enjoy a “vacation” even if it was spent at home. You know those stay-cays. A local special outing. I cannot believe I’ve made No plans! And now Summer 2014 is here and going…….Quick, what to do? Operation Ideal vacation! A good beach, great food and good company. …….Well, wait! I can actually make that happen right here at home!! So This past weekend, I practiced the attitude of gratitude. So grateful and appreciative of all around us. Beautiful weather, great food, friends and family. Not afraid to be free and fearless. Arms wide open …….feeling that cool breeze! Amazing.
We watched the sunset on the #beach and danced to the music in our heads. My son played, laughed and danced with me. Priceless! Completely, unconcerned with the outside looking in. Be Free. Be You. Don’t Care. #rockyourbest
Thank you Cetywa Powell for capturing this moment.

PS A beachgoer, actually came up to me and asked “Where can I see you perform?” LOL See……Life is too short.
#mommy&me #beachbaby #waterbaby #dance #befree

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