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Sometimes we get in the mindset of SHOWING UP is good enough. Yes, sometimes that’s the  hardest part of starting an exercise routine. But……what happens when you jump that hurdle? Now, you are here! What’s next? Are you there to say you do “barre”, “spin” , “yoga”, “pilates”? Or are you there to action and make a transformation of your health, body and mind.

I tell my class everyday. You are better than just an individual showing up. I expect more from you and you should expect the best. I am not talking about going FASTER, HARDER & CRAZY, I am talking about doing your personal best. ONE more than you did the last time or ONE more just before you considered dropping that weight. One hour is just 4% of your day…….Step it up and Make it count.

Today, I am so proud of this lady right here! I am a professional health coach and barre instructor and  Anna, has been a regular client in my beginner level class @hollywoodcardiobarre, she showed up to advanced class because she couldn’t make her usual beginners . Anna asked me “Do you think I can do it?” I said “I know you can. Do you think you can?” Lol. Ana said “I would like to try.” …..and she did!!!! And she was awesome, because her positive attitude and will power, she allowed herself to jump outside of her box and take it to a new level. Congrats Ana! YOU have definitely ROCK(ED)YOURBEST!!!!!

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