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“My favorite teacher/fitness guru @rockyourbest_raquelhorsford. I take her classes on the regular at Cardio Barre Hollywood. I am such a fan! And I’ve never liked my body more! Check her out ya’ll!” ~Xosha Roquemore  (actress on the Mindy Project)

A Healthy Lifestyle has a lot of components. Not only does it include physical and nutritional discipline, your social support  matters just as heavily. I started to take into account of the thing in life that brings joy. Spending time with family, laughing and sharing with close friends, and meeting new and interesting people, whom I learn something new everyday.  This is my reality.  No one is perfect and I definitely do not claim to be. LIFE is just borrowed time and I would never want to be foolish and take it for granted. I have my Health, Food, Shelter and FAMILY; and with this I am rich in many parts of the world. My ROCKYOURBEST ideology  is to “Strive to Live at your highest level”. I am speaking of your inner spirit and wellness.  In order to attract the people that bring positive vibes, “get up and go”, trust, happiness, abundance, encouragement, etc.  You have to put that energy and exercise that attitude of gratitude out there in order to receive it. You will see start to see a shift and your “Healthy Lifestyle” . It will shoot up to the stars and become the gift that keeps on giving!

I never thought I would end up as a fitness professional, celebrity trainer/instructor, etc. But I guess it lines up with my passion: to make people love themselves, stay committed and passionate ! After that EVERYTHING and anything is Possible. I have so much JOY in seeing the growth in my clients and myself. Loving themselves more when they leave my class/session than they did when they walked in. I do not know what the world has in store for me, but I am going to continue  to surround my self with Good People and Do thing that  FEEL right and HEALTHY for the MIND and BODY.


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