My favorite cardio barre teacher and person!! Rocky is the best!Natalie Imrisek
Natalie ImrisekRYB Family
I took my first Cardio Barre class on December 5th with Rocky and afterward told her she's gonna be my new best friend. Five months and fifteen pounds later, my body is completely transformed. Her energy, positive reinforcement, and attitude (humor!) are infectious, and she's a big reason I keep coming back. Thank you, Rocky!Trisha M.
Trisha M.Class Regular
Today was awesome! Took a great class by @Rockyourbest. Challenged myself to move in a way I haven't in a while. A beautiful mix of Afro pop, brazilian, Caribbean and contemporary movement. Incredible workout!  Joy Hooper
Joy HooperHealth Coach
"Raquel "Rocky" Horsford is by far one of the Best trainers I've ever had. Not only does she have an energy and positivity that really inspires me to push myself beyond my limits but she is also very astute with her observations about technique and what needs to be adjusted to avoid injury. She's managed to find the perfect balance of getting people i superb shape, keeping them healthy, while having fun."Neve Campbell
Neve CampbellActress

“I love Rock! Great workout to great music with a fun teacher. It’s always an hour well spent.”

“I love Rocky and the Class. xoxo

“Great balance of challenging and fun! Music is always fantastic. I can’t say enough good things..”

“Lovely joyful spirit AND great dancer. Inspires me to dance.”

“Great blend of different modes of workout. Rocky always has amazing energy and fun choreography.”

“Rocky is a FORCE! I am a long time fan and continue to enjoy her positive energy, fun personality.”


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