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My long time friend and amazing stylist @arleneflores had a gorgeous baby 4 months ago. I hadn’t seen her since the birth. She spoke about wanting to get back into her dancer body. So what better gift to give to a new mom? A gift of good health. I called her on her day off, told her to “put on your workout clothes and I will be at your house on 2 hrs!” I showed up , we worked out , had fun, laughed, pushed through the sets, all of which involved a lot of sweating.
“That felt so good……to move my body like that again!” AF
You are so welcome! Friends help Friends come back. #rockyourbest to the rescue. 

Strengthening your core after pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor!
Modified Pilates roll up:
1. Sit up tall. knees bent.
2. Pull against calfs to hollow out your abs (contract) belly button pulled towards your spine. Extend arms.
3. Lower back until you feel abs activated , keep curvature in your back, keep belly pulled in, lift body back reaching past your knees. Lower back with the same form and Repeat slowly.
*disclaimer* performer at your own risk. 

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