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I had the amazing opportunity to work with “the” master trainer; Jillian Michaels. This woman is a class act and she knows her shit! Not that I had to tell you that but its the truth!  Just watching her coach with an ease, tough love and trustworthy command was so very inspiring. I cannot wait to see this workout video.  This project is going to be Amazing!! Not to mention the rest of this fierce crew of female trainers who worked together to support, motivate and make this experience although challenging, one of the most pleasurable 12hr shoot days ever!

I am always thankful when I am amongst a tribe of women who hold a level of excellence and work ethic. We all know that we like to show off the pretty pictures in our lives. The highlight reel! No one shows the struggle, the pain, the challenges that lead you to this pretty picture. Just know that we all endure a heck of a lot to get to these sweet victories. It takes about 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at anything. And if it is your passion in life you will put in 10,000 more. Respect the journey, its revealing. You find out a lot about yourself; your personal best and your limits. Take the good, take the bad and if you are open and conscious….opportunities will always arise and it will be your chance to #ROCKYOURBEST! So, the next time you see a picture and say to yourself “I want to do that…….. ”  DO IT! #puttheworkin

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jillian micheals‪#‎jillianmichaels‬ It was such an honor to work with you and this group of strong beautiful fitpros. @the1elle @wheybyj @madelinemosier @shannonnadj u 2 @gchersich ! ‪#‎fitsquad‬ ‪#‎imnotsore‬ 😳😂

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