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Three things I recommend for women who want to workout while pregnant.  #1.Get permission and a green light from your doctor. #2 listen to your body , do what feels good. ( you know your body best)  #3 Please don’t start something new… a new workout! If you have a set routine it is safe to continue your regular activity  with modifications.  If you want to start a active lifestyle things like prenatal yoga and walking are perfect combination.

I have a lot expecting clients who I train and teach in group classes and they all manage to continue their active lifestyle. As their pregnancy progress, they do what they can with modifications and they leave feeling great, accomplished and mentally stronger then ever, preparing them for the big day.

For me Dancing, Barre work and Yoga were my favorite prenatal exercises 5 years ago and still is. Warm ups such as plies’, ballet arm positions, flat back exercises, floor exercises, stregtching were all amazing! Alleviating pressure off of my back, balancing the muscles along the back of my body, and it simply…..made me feel mentally strong and physically SUPER!!!! I credit my prenatal exercise towards me bouncing back to into shape and having the strength to labor. It was the one activity in my day that distracted me from feeling any discomfort. Moving allowed me to have fun, be in tune with my body, love my body and honor it. I am so proud of these two clients/ bestie’s due very soon, still feeling good and moving until their due date.


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