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Oh, how I love freshly juiced fruits and vegetables! Simply out of the pure convenience of knowing that whenever I drink them, I am going to get my nutrients, mineral and vitamins from a pure source. Especially, for those of us always on the go; like me! Or, those of us who are conscious of what is lacking or deficient in our daily meals, like me! ….OR those of us who really enjoy the pharmacy with in the natural ingredients, from the leaf to the root.

Juicing is one of the most brilliant ways to incorporate veggies in a quick and efficient way. It is also a very “trendy” thing to do!  But if this trend is helping folks stay healthy, improve their immune system and give them a boost of energy? I am all about it! We all know this is nothing new………

I remember back in my day, I used to perform in a show called STOMP in NYC on the Lower Eastside.  Juice spots were just a modest, earthy, hole in the wall joints. Whenever a cast member wanted a boost of energy or feeling under the weather, we would run across the avenue, where you could just pay for the size  juice ……and design your OWN with as many  ingredients as you wanted! If my memory serves me correct, you could get one for under 5 bucks. Now, it is as much as a fully loaded super duper fancy latte! ……… a whopping 10 bucks! But, you know what?!……. YOU are worth it! If putting the best fuel in your body is going to enhance your health, it is money well spent!

NEED AN ENERGY BOOST? Try juicing…….



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