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It is very common to meet an everyday Mom or Dad and categorize them as a super human multi tasking moving and grooving individual that seems to never skip a beat and keep it together. Well, did I mention we may be super for raising awesome children but we are most definitely human beings and we all need the Timeout!

Sometimes life happens. For example what if your spouse had to leave on a business trip for a long weekend, the same weekend you have to work, your kid is sick, your scrambling for a babysitter, you yourself – sick,  you have to be at 2 events at the same time and you get new that  grandpa passed!  Yep, that was my weekend. It happened so fast that I had no time to process nor deal, I just had to Go and figure it out. At the end of the day one of my best friends helped me babysit my son for a bit , I declined the events due to illness and I nursed my son back to health and got as much work done from home as I could.

Long story short.  It was only a 4 day solo stint, but with all of the circumstances on top of it, it seemed like eternity. When my hubby came home, I felt like it was the last quarter of a basketball game.  In my dream I jumped up in the air and gave him a high 5 and made a T with my hands. (in my dream) Of course, we both greeted him with a “Daddy’s home”! Then…..I said, “Babe, I need a couple of hours, you good? “Of course” he replied. So, I grabbed my keys and drove to the closest spa. Just like I would take a quick trip to the grocery store. I just so happened to have a spa gift card I hadn’t used. I entered the doors of tranquility. I took a shower, sauna and steam in PEACE and Quiet. It smelled like heaven and occupied mind was free. I found my breath, I meditated and came to peace with my granddad. It was beautiful time spent with myself and I returned a new woman in 2 hours. Don’t feel Guilt. It is a service to your Well being!

*Most spa’s have amenities, you do not have to get expensive treatments. A dip in the hot tub, sauna, steam room, mist room, laying on a chase lounge with cucumbers on your eyes can turn your DAY into EVERYTHING!!!

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