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Holidays are coming sooner than later and we are looking for new ways to dress and impress the dinner table. Although, Holiday Dinners usually come with a Free Pass to go crazy and eat all that you can fit on your plate. Every year we all pray for strength and restraint as we take that slow glazed stroll around the decadent  table of deliciousness. But get this; some will hold strong and eat lots of healthy options whether it’s because they have to or want to. Keep in mind of those guest and make the presentation fun, colorful and delicious. The stuffing shouldn’t be the only envy at the party.

Check out this photo I took at a hollywood party. I really thought the idea of putting veggies in glass container, was really cleaver, colorfully displayed and inviting to eat. AND…….your guest can grab their favorites and take it to wherever they are going to chill and eat for the evening. It’s a veggie good presentation!

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