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This past weekend I had the pleasure to working with an amazing group of fitness professional with the Queen of Walkercise, Leslie Sansone. First and foremost this woman has been in the fitness industry since the 80’s advocating people from all around the world to Walkercise and she is still game. I honestly, didn’t know what it was. Until I tried it!!! It is truly brilliant, because if you can move your legs; anyone and everyone can do it!  Walk, Walk, Walk in the comfort of your own home. You can do it with your children, your parents, your friends……It is the first step to starting any workout and if you do it to 130-168 bpm, you can achieve a great cardio workout. The greatest part of the shoot was the energy and passion Leslie set for the day. The success of a group project always starts at the top and every single last person on set from cast to crew were just amazing. I tell you…… surround yourself with 99 strong, positive, healthy individuals; you’re bound and almost guaranteed be the 100th one. Surround yourself with those who encourage your dreams, those who support your goals, and those who you deeply respect.

Walk cast

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