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The 2015 IDEA fitness convention was held this weekend in Downtown, Los Angeles. This event host the best of the best leading fitness professionals in the world.  I had the honor of joining  the Fitness Walking Queen Leslie Sansone and her Walk leaders during her demo! We had such a blast, and took the stage in  full on concert fashion with LED lit T-Shirts that flashed WALK! Her fans were so awesome, all ranging from different ages and fitness levels. I caught one excited women mouthing my name! “Look, Rocky!” one lady said, pointing at me on stage. .I think my face cracked! It completely hit me that these fitness enthusiast were the REAL DEAL, and religiously use these Walk at Home videos on a daily basis. It was so inspiring to have women walk up to me and tell me how much Leslie had changed their lives for the past 30 years and how much they enjoy see and me and the others on the videos, inspiring them  to keep on keeping on! During the demo we walked 3 miles to Motown Music, we laughed, we got sweaty and just had party. Since my experience with Walk at Home, I learned as a pretty hard core work out person to NEVER under estimate the power of brisk walking, to fun music…… it is accessible to everyone and with consistancy it will change your life.

And one of the best parts of the day, I got to spend it with two of my favorite girls ever! My dear friends and fellow fitness professionals; Nadyia B. & Kamillah F! It was such an awesome weekend!

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