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Yoga started out as something I thought I need to do to compliment my workouts. Now its something that I NEED to complete my workouts! It puts me in check. It settles me down. I detoxes my mind and my social media tendencies. It brings my sanity back. So that when I return home to my family,  I am a Happy me! There is something so comforting about being guided in to a flow. To let go. To synchronize movement with breath! It is truly medicine for your mind and soul.

Not only is it revitalizing. It is also challenging! Holding poses and positions that are not alway easy. Sometimes I would look at the instructor and think are you serious, then I just attempt. Try. Fall. Breathe. ……eventually I get and every week I find myself doing things I have never dreamt of doing. The mind is such a powerful force to achieve dream.  And once I committed to falling, and letting my body tell me when its ready. Everything is coming together! The lesson: Step outside the box. Its never too late to learn or start. Falling is not failing. Falling is learning how to get back up and Balance.


Handstand update: I am now attempting handstands in the middle of the room. I am no longer depending to the wall.  I am holding for a couple of seconds; still doing a lot of falling, but much IMPROVED. #imsohappy

Yoga 3-4 a week is awesome!

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