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Vacations.  Let me let you in on a secret….. You can actually stay ON your workout, have fun and find balance! I like to call it your “Active Vacation”! Whether you like snow in the mountains, sand in the desserts, still waters of lakes, or the waves of tropical beaches; find the FUN! Find the activity conducive to your your environment : this your gym!!!!

RockyourBest Tip #1

Before you venture off into the world, do a pre-cardio at your hotel, bungalow, house, etc.  go for a little jog or brisk walk around your neighborhood. A great way to feel the lay of the land, make it a family affair.  If you have young children; Mom and Dad can take turns venturing out.  We all can use a little “me” time.  It doesn’t have to be long, even if its a focused 20 minutes. Upon your return; Stretch!!!! Go ahead throw in some push ups and sit-ups. Think of this as your supplement to your super active leisurely day!

A jog before a beach day gave me the boost of energy I needed to keep up with my active little one! And the dip in the ocean was the perfect solution for muscle recovery! Who needs an epson salt bath when you have this!


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